Contact Center Intelligence

Seamlessly integrate generative AI into your contact center tools and systems

Solving the contact center productivity paradox

Contact center business leaders are challenged to equally optimize for operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and risk and compliance, yet are forced to make tradeoffs as improvements to one call center metric results in decrements to the other KPIs

SambaNova Contact Center Intelligence

SambaNova Contact Center Intelligence enables enterprises to overcome the contact center productivity paradox by seamlessly integrating generative AI into existing contact center workflows, with no need to rip and replace existing tools.


Enabling agents to focus on customer service


Scalable, detailed reporting of every engagement


Additional security for greater protection and compliance

Generative AI to power contact center workflows

Agent Assist Intelligence

Receive detailed, real-time guidance to enable contact center employees to focus on the customer and guide them to deliver a better experience, without the need to worry about administrative overhead


Automatic call summarization

Summarize the conversation transcript at the end of each call for the agent to tweak and save for improved call logging

Input assist (NER)

Automatically extract customer provided information (e.g. email addresses) for manual and automated workflows

Live sentiment

Integrate real-time sentiment classification in agent consoles to guide the agents on the “best way” to respond

Automatic utterance classification

Classify customers’ utterances to improve call routing, provide next-best-action recommendations, and more

Q&A assist

Help agents find answers/procedures to address the customer questions by retrieving relevant document, passage, and answer from internal knowledge base

Advanced Post Call Intelligence

Understand every customer interaction with consistent, scalable, detailed, and accurate reporting of all contact center customer engagements 

Call tagging and categorization

Tag each call automatically with attributes such as topics, issues, action items, and sentiment for easy discovery of calls

Customer sentiment

Identify exactly when the customer sentiment changed and analyze root cause

Call transcription with speaker separation

Identify who said what and when, with high accuracy

Agent sentiment

Identify exactly when the agent sentiment changed and analyze root cause

Advanced call insights

Develop complete nuanced understanding of customer conversations such as talk time between agent and customers, nature of dialog, and more

Compliance Intelligence

Provide greater security and privacy for customers and their data

Voice ID

Add an additional layer of security to caller identification through matching callers with their unique voice print

PII Masking

Identify PII data to apply masking rules before storing customer conversation transcripts