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The Platform
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Break through the limits of your GPU



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The Platform for Innovation

Break through the limits of your GPU

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Surpassing State-of-the-Art Accuracy in Recommendation Models

Recommender systems are a ubiquitous part of many common and broadly used internet services. They are utilized in retail and e-commerce applications to cross-sell and up-sell products and services. Online consumer services for ridesharing, peer reviews, and banking services rely heavily on recommendation models to deliver fast and efficient customer experiences.

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2: Article

Breakthrough Efficiency in NLP Model Deployment

Throughout their lifecycles, modern industrial NLP models follow a cadence. They start from one-time task-agnostic pre-training and then go through task-specific training on quickly changing user data. These periodically updated models are eventually deployed to serve massive online inference requests from applications.

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Pushing Computer Vision Boundaries Beyond 4K

In the context of machine learning image processing and analysis—resolution is everything. An image’s resolution can enable a more detailed, meaningful analysis that results in greater understanding. To this end, a high-resolution image will contain more information and detail than a low-resolution image of the very same subject.

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