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One Trillion Parameters, One Model, One Platform 

Experience the only enterprise-grade full-stack AI solution, offering AI capability across your organization, unparalleled security, and all at 10x less the cost of leading systems. Learn more


1T parameter model that is fine-tuned on private data, leveraging the latest and greatest open source


A full-stack solution with a 10x reduction in footprint, resulting in lower cost, power consumption and inference/infrastructure to maintain


Enterprise Grade AI delivering the highest accuracy, trained on your private data, with full-control and zero vendor lock-in

See the power of Samba-1

Witness state of the art accuracy across a diverse set of enterprise tasks and processes. In your organization, Samba-1 runs securely, privately, and 10X more efficiently than any other model of its size.



Built for AI: Our fourth-generation chip

The SN40L is at the heart of SambaNova platform. Our fourth-generation AI chip uses a revolutionary design to offer both dense and sparse compute and includes both large and fast memory.

Meet SN40L -  a truly “intelligent AI chip.”

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Unrivaled full-stack AI

From purpose-built chips to the most powerful models, the industry’s only all-in-one enterprise AI platform gives you high performance and full control over your model, your security, and your data.
Enterprise integration
The first platform purpose-built for generative AI that delivers increased performance, simplified management, reduced costs, and a TCO that is an order of magnitude better than any other solution currently available.
  • The first trillion parameter generative AI model that can span every enterprise use case with unmatched performance, data protection and privacy controls.
  • Honed for your industry and use case
  • Fine tuned on your data - and owned by you
Platform management
Single, enterprise-wide view of data ingestion, model training, retraining and serving, along with access control and security
Dataflow hardware
Our Dataflow hardware is purpose-built for AI, leveraging large memory essential for the largest, most accurate models. Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture (RDA) delivers lightning fast performance for training and inference

Sambaverse: Discover, Compare, Evaluate

Test hundreds of models and directly compare responses from a single endpoint.

SambaNova Systems today announced what could well be one of the largest large language models (LLMs) ever released, with the debut of its one trillion parameter Samba-1.
— Sean Michael Kerner, VentureBeat
Samba-1 is not just another entry in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI; it stands out for its commitment to privacy and versatility.
— Nimrah Khatoon, BNN Breaking
The upshot [of Samba-1] is that it takes a lot less iron to train these models in the enterprise because they are already open-sourced and are already trained and can be re-trained, tuned, and pruned for specific datasets in the enterprise that companies absolutely feel proprietary about.
— Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Next Platform
...performing inference using the model costs ten times less than with competing algorithms. When it receives a prompt, an AI system that comprises multiple neural networks only has to activate the one neural network selected to generate the answer.
— Maria Deutscher, SiliconANGLE
"The beauty of Samba-1 is [that it's] integrated into a fully hardware-encapsulated system that you can deploy in your own private data centres. This could be in your private cloud and allow you to have full control of your data wherever you want to train these models."
— Sky News, Ian King Live
SambaNova...on Wednesday released a generative AI model for companies with one trillion parameters, which is one way to measure model complexity. That matches the reported parameter count for OpenAI’s GPT-4, which hasn’t been released publicly.
— Adam Clark, Barron's
Samba-1 enables enterprises to train private data in a private environment, whether on the cloud or on premises. Samba-1 does this by enabling organizations with sensitive data to train that data within their private environment.
— Esther Ajao, TechTarget

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