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Achieve productivity and results 22x faster with pre-trained foundation models.


Each of the systems has eight DataScale SN30 chips, launched in September, and triples the speed of the previous generation.

Jane Lanhee Lee, Reuters

Hungary’s OTP bank is working with the government and SambaNova to deploy AI-powered services across its business. The bank aims to use the technology to add automated agents at its call centers, personalize services to its 17mn retail customers and streamline its internal processes by analyzing documents.

John Thornhill, The Financial Times

Even if [Nvidia’s] DGX-H100 offers 3X the performance at 16-bit floating point calculation than the DGX-A100, it will not close the gap with the SambaNova system.

Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Next Platform

The Palo Alto-based AI startup this week revealed its DataScale systems and Cardinal SN30 accelerator, which the company claims is capable of delivering 688 TFLOPS of BF16 performance, twice that of Nvidia's A100.

Tobias Mann, The Register

Enterprises are increasingly adopting AI to power a wide range of business applications. As such, it believes it makes sense to move away from tactical AI deployments to a more scalable, enterprise-wide solution.

Mike Wheatley, SiliconANGLE

The DataScale SN30 system lets enterprises take a software-defined approach, [allowing users to] ‘bounce from CPU to GPU based on the data types,’ according to R. “Ray” Wang of Constellation Research.

Esther Ajao, TechTarget

SambaNova bills its offering as “a fully integrated AI platform innovating in every level of the stack,” and the company is positioning this offering against Nvidia’s suite in its comparisons.

Oliver Peckham, HPCWire

AI is leading the future with, or without you.


the amount AI is projected to add to the global economy in the next decade.


of enterprises have high AI deployment and outcomes, a 7x increase over the last three years.


of CEOs believe AI will have a larger impact than the internet. By 2025 every connected person will have a digital interaction every 18 seconds.


the annual growth in model size and compute requirements.

The Al imperative

Customers turn to SambaNova to accelerate their shift into the AI-enabled world. Our purpose-built enterprise-scale AI platform powers the foundation models that unlock the valuable business insights trapped in data.

The platform for innovation

SambaNova Dataflow-as-a-Service™ delivers the industry’s most powerful integrated AI software-defined hardware platform, complete with out-of-the-box pre-trained deep learning models, enabling enterprises to accelerate and scale their AI capabilities 22x faster with an AI infrastructure purpose-built for the next generation of advanced AI and deep learning.


Large language models with billions of parameters


True resolution and 3D
image analysis


Recommendation models with massive embedding tables

State-of-the-art AI and deep learning

  • Cutting edge deep learning models which cannot be practically managed on outdated GPU architectures

Accelerated time to value

  • Results 22x faster
  • Pre-trained models
  • Reduced model training needs

Simplified ease of use

  • Managed by SambaNova Systems
  • Easy to use and flexible low/no code APIs

The technology backbone for AI leaders

According to McKinsey, deep learning has the potential to create $5.9B of value annually. SambaNova is powering leading organizations to leverage cutting edge deep learning delivered through SambaNova Dataflow-as-a-Service™ to gain a competitive edge in weeks.

Financial Services

Leading financial services enterprises are fundamentally transforming their customer experience operations with state-of-the-art large language models like GPT. LEARN MORE

Manufacturing & Auto

Manufacturing enterprises are using deep learning to transform every aspect of their value chain, from factory floor operations to demand planning and quality control, equipment maintenance and even product development.  LEARN MORE

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are using deep learning to accelerate discovery of new drugs, unlocking new treatments and cures in record time, and improving diagnosis of serious diseases by applying high resolution 3D image analysis to medical imagery. LEARN MORE

Oil & Gas, Energy

Deep learning is enabling leading oil and gas organizations to drastically improve their returns on massive exploration investments by using advanced 3D image analysis of subsurface data that improves ‘hit rate’ and yield and accelerates throughput and discovery time. LEARN MORE

Public Sector

Governmental organizations, research institutions, educational centers, and other public entities are improving the quality of life, increasing security and prosperity, making faster discoveries, and furthering the goals of the general public while reducing expenditures. LEARN MORE

AI for Science

Researchers are achieving discoveries across areas of research such as medical image analysis, large language models for science, and multi-physics simulation workloads. SambaNova delivers a 6x performance advantage for 6x more experiments and 6x more discoveries.LEARN MORE


Why AI leaders need a ‘backbone’ of large language models

AI adoption may be steadily rising, but a closer examination shows that most enterprise companies may not be quite ready for the big time when it comes to artificial intelligence.


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