Generative AI optimized for enterprise and government

The SambaNova Suite for generative AI

The most accurate generative AI models, optimized for enterprise and government organizations, deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and adapted with an organization’s data for greater accuracy

“… SambaNova is optimizing generative AI models for the enterprise with accuracy and is providing the ability for enterprises to adapt models with their own data and deploy anywhere – in the cloud or in a data center. Ultimately, this enables generative AI to evolve from merely hype and excitement to delivering real value for the enterprise”

— Ritu Jyoti

Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation market research and advisory services at IDC

Accuracy to meet enterprise and government needs

SambaNova Suite delivers a collection of the highest accuracy generative AI models, including both state-of-the-art open source models, as well as models that have been pre-trained by SambaNova including GPT and Bloom

Your data, your models

SambaNova Suite empowers customers to optimize these models with their own data to further increase accuracy, while also allowing them to retain ownership of models that have been adapted with their data

An open approach to generative AI

SambaNova Suite has been developed as an open platform integrating innovations from ecosystem partners at every layer of the stack, including model development, data, and enterprise integration

Deploy anywhere

SambaNova Suite is a full stack AI offering which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, so no data ever needs to leave the customer’s environment. Further, unlike consumer generative AI cloud offerings, SambaNova Suite is delivered on a dedicated model backbone for every customer