Get the IDC LINK Research opinion on the Samba-1 release

How will Samba-1 change the generative AI landscape?

In IDC’s latest SambaNova research update, Matthew Eastwood explores Samba-1, SambaNova's one trillion parameter model entry into the AI LLM landscape. Get IDC’s informed perspective on:

  • Samba-1 as a concrete solution that bridges the gap between the scalability and flexibility of public cloud resources and control, security, and compliance of private datacenters
  • How Samba-1 aligns with IDC’s expectation of a hybrid deployment model sought after by enterprise to support their AI and ML workloads effectively
  • SambaNova's approach to AI model development through its Composition of Experts strategy providing a practical example of the strategic, long-term infrastructure planning that IDC recommends

Find out more about Samba-1 in this compelling research update from IDC.