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One Goal, One Mission
AI Enabled Organizations

Rodrigo Liang, Kunle Olokotun and Christopher Re, the three founders of SambaNova Systems shown in a mosaic of imagery along with Stanford University and SambaNova Systems DataScale

We’re SambaNova Systems. Founded in 2017 in Palo Alto, California to create the next generation of computing, our mission is to bring AI innovations developed in advanced research to organizations around the world. Established by industry luminaries, hardware and software design experts, and world-class innovators from Sun/Oracle and Stanford University—we aim to help bring AI to everyone, everywhere.

SambaNova Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture is our software-defined hardware approach that powers SambaNova Systems DataScale—from algorithms to silicon. Our innovations are pushing past the limits of today’s solutions to accelerate AI and usher in a new era of computing.

“We are at the cusp of a fairly large shift in the computer industry. It’s been driven by AI, but at a macro level, over the next 20-30 years, the change is going to be bigger than AI and machine learning.”

– Rodrigo Liang, Co-founder and CEO, SambaNova Systems

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