Sovereign AI
Empowering internal development and ownership of AI at any scale

Globally, nations and large enterprises are investing in Sovereign AI. Sovereign AI provides organizations with the data, infrastructure, models, and human resources to develop an AI program that advances their goals.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more dominant and industries and governments are investing in it just as they would any other infrastructure or program. The goal of Sovereign AI is to empower large entities with the capability to build and deploy their own end-to-end AI infrastructure that will help them meet their objectives. They are using AI to develop their workforce, expand access to resources, and more. As AI becomes integral to business and society, organizations must also adopt this transformative technology to maintain competitiveness on the global stage.

SambaNova delivers a complete solution that delivers on the needs of Sovereign AI initiatives at scale.  The SambaNova Sovereign AI platform includes infrastructure, models based on a Composition of Experts (CoE) architecture, model ownership, and partnership.

SambaNova Platform

Powered by the purpose built SN40L chip, the SambaNova platform delivers extraordinary performance for both training and inference of large models, at scale and with a footprint a fraction of what other systems provide. Delivered as a rack-scale system that can be deployed on-premises or as a dedicated cloud instance, SambaNova delivers the performance and security that Sovereign AI demands.


Built with a Composition of Experts architecture, Samba-1 delivers the accuracy and breadth of use cases that only very large models can offer, combined with the low inference costs and trainability of smaller models, all managed from a single endpoint. 

Model Ownership

Data security and privacy is an absolute requirement for Sovereign AI. With SambaNova, once a model has been fine tuned on private data the model becomes the sole property of the customer so that each customer is always in control of their model and their data.


SambaNova will work with customers to help them be successful in their AI initiatives. We will provide the training, support, and responsiveness necessary to help customers achieve their long term goals.

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