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Custom AI Models That Drive Real Results | SambaNova

Your Custom Models

Many organizations have invested heavily in building and training their own custom deep learning and generative AI models. Running those models on legacy systems is costly, complex, and difficult to manage.

The SambaNova platform dramatically simplifies running deep learning and generative AI models with a purpose built architecture that accelerates model processing, reduces the need for complex infrastructure, and streamlines training and inference on the same platform.


The SambaNova SN40L reduces the need for complex and costly infrastructure:

  • Reduce footprint by 10x
  • Process large data, including true resolution 2D and 3D images
  • Ideal for detailed models, such as RNNs, sparse models, and other AI for Science workloads


SambaFlow reduces the need for complex system configuration:

  • Automatically extracts, optimizes, and executes the optimal dataflow graph of models
  • Enables optimized training and inference performance out-of-the-box
  • Virtualization and container support

Ease of Use

Simplify model deployment:

  • Integrates with common frameworks, such as PyTorch
  • Use low-code/no-code APIs to significantly simplify deployment of models
  • Integration with common repositories, such as HuggingFace

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