SambaNova | Google Cloud Platform


SambaNova is delivering enterprise-grade generative AI, enabled by massive models with new capabilities, that deliver the performance of smaller models, and powered by a purpose-built, full stack platform through Composition of Experts. 

When you combine the power of SambaNova Suite with Google Cloud Platform, you take advantage of countless benefits, including faster time-to- value, quicker scaling to meet business needs, and consumption through the trusted GCP environment.

The Power of SambaNova Suite

SambaNova Suite delivers enterprise-grade generative AI, allowing organizations to:

  • Train fast & efficiently; & with private data
  • Own your 1T model
  • Faster time to value
  • Lower cost to build & run 
  • Secure, open, explainable
  • Available & reliable

The velocity of GCP Marketplace

Utilizing GCP credits to deploy SambaNova Suite couldn't be simpler or faster to get generative AI solutions into your organization: 

  • Draw down GCP committed spend
  • Simple and fast “add-on” to existing GCP contract

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