Generative AI optimized for enterprise and government

SambaNova Suite is a collection of the highest accuracy generative AI models, which can be further adapted using a customer’s data and deployed directly in their own environment.

Announcement: SambaNova Suite

Read the blog to learn more about how SambaNova is delivering the highest accuracy generative AI for enterprise and government customers


Webinar with IDC: Applying generative AI in the enterprise

Watch the webinar to hear IDC Group VP, WW AI and Automation Research, Ritu Jyoti, and VP Software Products at SambaNova, PD Singh, discuss how to apply generative AI to solve practical business challenges and how SambaNova is bringing generative AI to the enterprise

Discussion: SambaNova’s open approach to generative AI

Read how SambaNova is embracing an open approach to generative AI and partnering with the ecosystem at every layer of the stack, including discussions with the CEOs of Together and Snorkel and the CTO of C3

Announcement: SambaNova Contact Center Intelligence

Learn how SambaNova Contact Center Intelligence seamlessly integrates generative AI into existing contact center workflows, with no need to rip and replace existing tools

Announcement: SambaNova Document Intelligence

Learn how SambaNova Document Intelligence uses generative AI to enable organizations to understand large, complex documents, search huge volumes of documents, and author and edit new documents and content using natural language prompts

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