The fastest path to enterprise AI

  • Purpose-built
  • High performance
  • Full-stack
  • Pre-trained
  • Ready to deliver immediate RoI

ROI from day one

Our full-stack solution has you deploying rapidly and seeing results from your AI stack faster than a standard DIY build.


Value that grows and grows

Models are fine-tuned by you and trained specifically on your data, meaning the more you use the system, the more highly attuned it is to your needs and greater value it can return.


Most efficient models, at scale

Since our solution is purpose-built for AI, each component of the full-stack platform is optimized for efficiency.

When it comes to an enterprise AI solution…dream big and move fast


Start with the best open source models

We are model agnostic, training on the latest open source models and integrating them into our full-stack solution, so you can always take advantage of the best models available.


Fine tune for enterprise needs

Delivering on enterprise needs is achieved by extending sequence length, offering multilingual and multi-modal support, and fine-tuning for domain specificity. This results in a fast, highly powerful and efficient model trained within your area of expertise and able to ingest more data types than any other on the market.


Optimize on purpose-built hardware

Our purpose-built full-stack solution utilizes AI-specific chip technology that offers the ability to address more memory, with the smartest compute core. These two capabilities will enable organizations to capitalize on the promise of pervasive AI, with their own LLMs to rival GPT4 and beyond.


Deploy in your private, secure environment

On-premises deployment, with an online (as-a-service) support model, app-level multi-tenancy and direct connects to public cloud data centers means security and regulatory compliance defined by you, and secure and fast data connection.


Securely and safely train on your private data

By providing comprehensive capabilities to train, tune and continuously improve our OOB models, recipes to various high value training scenarios, and templates and tools for extracting value from the model for customer-specific use cases, you get results that are accurate, explainable, reliable, and repeatable.


From AI, for AI

SambaNova was founded with a singular mission: that AI had different demands from other workloads and that the next generation of AI shouldn’t be built on architectures defined 50+ years ago.


It’s the vision behind dataflow, the only computer architecture that places data at its core. We started with hardware, developing the SN10, released in 2020. Building from this uniquely powerful base, we have innovated up and down the stack - developing the most powerful AI hardware and software to support the most demanding AI applications.

Today, we have a unique full-stack solution, optimized for enterprise AI. Our founders are a powerful combination of leading AI innovators/researchers from Stanford and industry veterans from Sun/Oracle. From that core, we’ve built a team of software, hardware, product, cloud, and services experts from around the globe, all focused on delivering end-to-end AI solutions for the Global 2000.

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