NOVEMBER 12-17 | Denver, CO

Thank you for joining us at SC23

Powering the next wave of Generative AI for scientific innovation

At SC23 in Denver this year, you had the opportunity to learn how SambaNova has changed what is possible with generative AI for science. 

SambaNova Suite unlocks the power of LLMs for Science. Capable of inference performance of 300 tokens per second on a sparse model of up to 5 trillion parameters, our purpose built, full stack platform gives customers fast, scalable inference at a much lower TCO than would otherwise be possible.

SambaNova DataScale continues to be the platform of choice for custom models, surrogate models, and high resolution computer vision. 

SambaNova Suite

SambaNova Suite, the only fully integrated platform, from chips to models, purpose built for generative AI delivers the performance to power multi-trillion parameter models for both training and inference. Delivering a Composition on Experts model, customers get all benefits of the largest models available, combined with the performance of small models.

SambaNova Suite


The platform for innovation, SambaNova DataScale delivers proven performance and flexibility to run the most complex, custom models for scientific discovery. Powered by a dataflow architecture, the DataScale platform is designed for customizing, designing, and deploying advanced large language models, true resolution computer vision, and AI for science models.

AI for Science

The generative AI platform chosen by global leaders in scientific research and innovation to enable the next wave of discovery, SambaNova powers the most largest and most complex LLMs, multi-physics simulation, computer vision, and scientific research workloads. 

AI for Science

Composition of Experts

Accelerate discovery in areas including physics, biology, materials development, and more by running the largest AI models with the performance of much smaller models to expertise in each area of research. Only a Composition of Experts model can deliver the results of multi-trillion parameter models while maintaining access controls that are a requirement for every organization.

As an industry leader, SambaNova continues to innovate. Read some of our latest research papers.

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