DataScale Systems

Optimized for Dataflow from
Algorithms to Silicon

DataScale Systems

Optimized for Dataflow
from Algorithms to Silicon

SambaNova Systems DataScale

Future-proof your datacenter for next-generation AI workloads and beyond

SambaNova DataScale lets you break free from the constraints of today’s legacy technologies by providing you with the core infrastructure to run cutting-edge AI applications at scale from the datacenter to the cloud—and to the edge. 

Architected using SambaNova Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture (RDA) and built using open standards and user interfaces, SambaNova DataScale is an integrated software and hardware systems platform optimized from algorithms to silicon. Our software-defined-hardware approach delivers unmatched efficiency across applications from training, inference, data analytics, high performance computing (HPC) and moreand all can run on SambaNova DataScale.


Stopwatch icon to show the speed of getting actionable insights without sacrificing system performance and efficiency


Get to actionable insights faster without sacrificing system performance and efficiency


Break free from today’s legacy platforms and build larger, more sophisticated models 



Integrate into existing datacenter environments without disruption or the need to learn new skills


At SambaNova, we took a software-first approach and fully integrated SambaFlow, our software stack. SambaFlow is designed to take your existing or new models and automatically determine the optimal way to take full advantage of SambaNova Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow Unit (RDU), with little to no change to your algorithms.

There is no need to rewrite your proven model for SambaNova DataScale or even understand our architecture, just recompile using our tools and experience high performance out-of-the-box.

SambaFlow eliminates months of learning, tuning and optimizing to allow you to focus on what matters the most: the application.

Image showing SambaFlow

Reconfigurable Dataflow Unit 

SambaNova Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow Unit (RDU) is the industry’s next-generation processor and is at the core of SambaNova DataScale. RDUs are designed to allow the data to flow through the processor in ways in which the model was intended to run, freely and without any bottlenecks.

RDUs eliminate constant data caching and excess data movement inherent to today’s core-based architecture. This unlocks significant silicon utilization to unleash more compute than any other solution available today. 

Unlock new capabilities with DataScale Systems

Trillion parameter
NLP models

50k x 50k high resolution
deep learning

Recommendation models with
huge 100 GB embedding tables

Rethink What is Possible

Discover a new state of the art in NLP: Beyond GPUs

Learn how to push computer vision boundaries beyond 4K


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