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Posted by SambaNova Systems on February 28, 2023

Today SambaNova announced SambaNova Suite for generative AI, the first generative AI platform specifically optimized for enterprises and government organizations. SambaNova Suite is a collection of the highest accuracy generative AI models which can be deployed directly in a customer’s own environment, and can be further adapted using their data for even greater accuracy.

So what do we mean when we say generative AI “specifically optimized for enterprise and government organizations”? The answer starts with the fundamental differences between consumer and enterprise generative AI.

The reality is that consumer use cases for generative AI are vastly different than for enterprises and government organizations. While much of the viral applications for generative AI in the consumer space have involved fun content or discussions about the impact on school work, enterprises and government organizations are interested in optimizing business use cases, such as their contact center and customer experience, or analyzing and processing complex documents. 

These are complex use cases that pose several fundamental challenges for the consumer generative AI tools that have been dominating the headlines.

The first challenge is the high level of accuracy required by enterprises and government use cases. For example, a frequent area of discussion related to consumer generative AI is when models ‘hallucinate’, or make up an answer to a question because it thinks that is the correct answer. In consumer applications, this can be good for a laugh. In the enterprise, hallucinations could have a catastrophic impact on customer trust and a company’s brand.

The second challenge is the strict security and privacy requirements of both enterprises and government agencies. Because many consumer generative AI tools are delivered through a cloud API on a shared ‘model backbone’ there are significant data privacy concerns about sending sensitive data outside of an organization’s firewall. Additionally, this data is often sent to a generative AI model which is shared with other companies, including potential competitors.

The third challenge is that generative AI will need to evolve according to open standards to find long term success in the enterprise and with government organizations. This is required both so these tools can be integrated with the existing technology infrastructure of these organizations, and also to help them avoid vendor lock-in. However, consumer generative AI tools are often closed and fully proprietary systems.

With SambaNova Suite, we are empowering enterprises and government organizations to take advantage of the full potential of generative AI to solve their biggest business and operational challenges, while delivering the flexibility, privacy, and security required of modern technologies and tools. At SambaNova, we think that the generative AI revolution is just beginning, and we are excited to work together with our customers and partners to discover the full exciting potential of this transformational technology.

You can learn more about how SambaNova is addressing these challenges and delivering the highest accuracy generative AI, specifically optimized for enterprise and government, by visiting our official SambaNova Suite launch announcement page.

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PD Singh
PD Singh

PD is VP of Software Products at SambaNova Systems.