Platform Test Drive

Platform Test Drive

SambaNova is pioneering a new AI systems platform in the cloud. Designed to break through existing architectural barriers and spur cutting-edge model development without the need to fine tune and or optimize the hardware for performance. This new platform opens doors to applications that are not possible on existing architectures and provides a leap in performance, capabilities, scalability, accuracy and ease of use. Now, you can get training and inference on the same platform, optimize NLP, Vision, Recommender system and HPC workflows. The SambaNova system is an easy to deploy enterprise-ready system with multi-tenancy, management, orchestration, VM, resource managed system to tackle workloads that require a fraction of a chip to multi-rack solutions.

Experience World’s leading AI platform first-hand:

SambaNova TestDrive platform is a simple way to “kick the tires” of this platform and get a first-hand feel for how easy it is to work with the software stack and the overall architecture. A fully curated, tutorial-style experience will give users the following experience:

  • Connect to a VM on SambaNova Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture (RDA™). Learn about Reconfigurable Dataflow Unit (RDU™), SambaFlow™ Software Stack, DataScale System and DataFlow-as-a-Service™ components
  • Learn to Train and run Inference on the same SambaNova DataScale System in minutes
  • Experience popular Deep Learning models like Unet and BERT (Large)
  • Leverage existing modules from popular repositories like GitHub or HuggingFace by simply compiling with SambaFlow compilers with no code change required. Resulting models have state-of-the-art (SOTA) accuracy and industry leading performance without painful coding or optimization investments

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