Own your model: The most important decision you’ll make with generative AI


Generative AI has the potential to radically transform the work of enterprises and governments. But their needs are vastly different from the consumer use cases that have been gaining headlines. 

Most importantly, organizations have a critical decision to make: whether to use a model built and owned by a vendor, or a model that is owned and controlled by the customer organization. AI model ownership means that the investments organizations make turn generative AI into a valuable asset and a platform for the future. 

SambaNova customers always retain ownership of any model adapted with their data.

Models are only as good as their training data

Models are only as good as their training data

The most powerful AI models are trained on massive datasets. This gives them impressive generative capabilities, but their responses are limited to the data they were trained on, which may be years out of date or contain significant biases. When asked questions they cannot answer, these models can “hallucinate” responses – which may be funny for consumers but disastrous for a bank, healthcare organization, or government department.

With SambaNova, customers can securely train on their best data and continue to fine-tune their models so that they are powerful, up to date, and safe to use.

Your most important data is your private data

The best data to train a model on is the internal, private data that every organization has – customer data, product design information, competitive intelligence, financial or patient data, personnel, supplier, or legal material. Using this data generates the best responses, in the most accurate tone.

This is precisely the information that an organization needs to hold most closely. Therefore it is vital that the organization retain permanent ownership of that model.

Your most important data is your private data
Ensuring privacy and security

Ensuring privacy and security

In AI, security and privacy depends on the full stack. It starts with where data comes from, then how it is stored and used, and finally how it is delivered to the end user.

Security is foundational to SambaNova. With our full stack AI platform – from chip to model – you have complete control over what data you use, how you build your model, and how those results are delivered. We can meet your existing security needs by delivering entirely on-premises or in the cloud.

Meeting regulatory compliance

Meeting compliance requirements is critical to public companies and those in regulated industries.

When it comes to generative AI, this can manifest as compliance organizations asking for clarity on model weights and training methods being utilized within a given model.

While public models typically don’t disclose this information, SambaNova customers own their model, with full visibility into weights and training methods, making it easy to meet compliance requirements.

Meeting regulatory compliance
Open source models

Open source models

Open source models provide enterprises with the strongest foundation for generative AI. They enable organizations to have complete control and transparency over the data and weights they are trained on.

By contrast, many private models provide no insight into training data or model weights, making it hard to explain results or understand biases, and risking long-term and costly vendor lock-in.

SambaNova supports the latest open source models.

AI Model Ownership: 3 Critical Considerations