The Impact of AI on the Digital Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences

Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research:

How industry leaders can leverage advanced AI solutions to achieve innovative breakthroughs that are redefining healthcare—and the world.

 A generational shift has come to healthcare and pharma. Today’s practitioners are flooded with data that is growing in volume and complexity. Navigating this flood of data, and gaining beneficial insight from it, takes significant time and effort—leaving less time to address the real-life needs of patients. In addition, many practitioners are experiencing constraints with today’s technology that hold them back from fully realizing the value.

In this report, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Researchexplores how AI innovations can push past the limits of today’s technologies to advance drug discovery, telehealth, and disease diagnosis while allowing providers and researchers more time to focus on the crucial human element of healthcare.

Next generation AI innovators, such as SambaNova, are delivering AI capabilities at a fraction of the time and expense it takes to develop complex in-house infrastructure and machine learning expertise—making limitations on innovation a thing of the past. Learn how AI and machine learning can bring healthcare practitioners closer to patients and drive better outcomes and experience.

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