Discover What’s Possible with Next-Generation AI

Now companies of all sizes can leverage machine learning and AI to innovate competitively.

Whether it’s a tech-savvy organization held back by talent scarcity or a customer-focused enterprise struggling to fully tap into the power of machine learning to advance digital transformation, when it comes to putting AI strategies into action, companies of all types can face daunting roadblocks.

“Adapt or die” is not a catchphrase—it has proven to be a reality. Statistics show that over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies listed in the year 2000 no longer exist. What sealed the fate of most of these companies was the inability to readily adopt new technology for innovation. In fact, over 80% of companies who have tried to adopt digital transformation have failed.

At SambaNova, we understand the challenges of leveraging machine learning and AI technology to advance your organization’s goals, including:

  • Critical skill gaps due to machine learning talent scarcity
  • Lack of expertise in computing architectures
  • Difficulty in keeping on top of latest models and techniques

We believe the innovative advances brought by machine learning shouldn’t be exclusive to big tech giants. Learn how SambaNova can help your organization level the playing field with next-generation AI.

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