SambaNova AI Cloud Platform for Research

Machine learning is transforming society and the global economy. Continual improvements to algorithms combined with access to unique datasets are now powering application innovations that were considered science fiction just a few short years ago.

SambaNova is pioneering a new AI systems development platform in the cloud. It’s designed to break through existing architectural barriers and spur cutting-edge model development without the need to fine tune or optimize the hardware for performance.

Whether it’s NLP, computer vision, recommender models or HPC simulations, if dataflow and large compute complexities are holding you back, SambaNova offers an innovative Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture™ (RDA) that enables you to overcome the limitations of traditional GPU and CPU solutions to accelerate research, development, and testing of your models.

Get Access to the SambaNova AI Cloud Platform for Research

We invite researchers — from universities and industry labs — to apply for access to the SambaNova Systems platform. Acceptance of your application comes with free access to resources allocated to investigating and solving unique machine learning challenges. 

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