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Introducing SambaNova Systems DataScale: A New Era of Computing

Accelerating the Modern Machine Learning Workhorse: Recommendation Inference

Premier Research Labs Push AI to Fight Disease—and Improve Lives

Scientific researchers are exploring ways to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for running complex scientific workloads to gain better performance and efficiency.

Repeatable Machine Learning by Design With SambaNova Systems DataScale

If you run the same machine learning application twice with the same inputs, initializations, and random seeds, you often will not get the same result. While randomness or stochasticity in machine learning applications is a desired quality, this non-repeatability is not.

Surpassing State-of-the-Art Accuracy in Recommendation Models

Recommender systems are a ubiquitous part of many common and broadly used internet services. They are utilized in retail and e-commerce applications to cross-sell and up-sell products and services. Online consumer services for ridesharing, peer reviews, and banking services rely heavily on recommendation models to deliver fast and efficient customer experiences.

Breakthrough Efficiency in NLP Model Deployment

Throughout their lifecycles, modern industrial NLP models follow a cadence. They start from one-time task-agnostic pre-training and then go through task-specific training on quickly changing user data.

Pushing Computer Vision Boundaries Beyond 4K

In the context of machine learning image processing and analysis—resolution is everything.

A New State of the Art in NLP: Beyond GPUs

As Natural Language Processing (NLP) models increasingly evolve into bigger models, GPU performance and capability degrades at an exponential rate.

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