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Build or Buy?

In this rapidly evolving landscape of pervasive AI, the choice between building or buying an AI solution is a...

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AI Model Ownership: 3 Critical Considerations

Explores the importance of model ownership through the lenses of governance, model accuracy, and asset value.

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Using deep learning models to conquer risk in the universal bank

Conquering risk requires actionable signal from enterprise data. Discover how modern banks can extend the power of...

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The signal-oriented bank of the future - SambaNova Systems

Over the next ten years, successful banking organizations will evolve from being data-driven to becoming...

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Boost Accuracy in Domain-Specific NLP With SambaNova’s Solutions

Modern industrial and research NLP models follow a cadence for their domain fine-tuning task training pipelines....

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AI is Changing Everything

The demands of ever more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence have pushed classical compute hardware and software...

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Accelerated Computing with a Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture

With the rapid expansion of applications that can be characterized by dataflow processing, such as natural-language...

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Rethink What’s Possible: Pushing Computer Vision Boundaries Beyond 4K

Computer vision and image processing algorithms are increasingly common to commercial and research-related...

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Breakthrough Efficiency in NLP Model Deployment

As Natural Language Processing (NLP) models evolve to become ever bigger, GPU performance and capability degrades at...