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Composition of Experts: The next wave of AI innovation


Generative AI: The next wave of business transformation

When it comes to AI models, bigger is usually better. The larger the model, the broader its capabilities and the better the results. However, while bigger models may deliver better results and exhibit emergent capabilities at scale, they also come with higher costs and greater barriers to adoption. These conflicting realities have caused enterprise adoption of large scale models to slow significantly. A Composition of Experts model, when run on a purpose-built architecture, solves these and other challenges to enable faster adoption of AI in the enterprise, dramatically reducing the cost and technical barriers, while enabling features and functionality that were previously unavailable.

In this extensive white paper, you'll learn about:

  • Composition of Experts: A revolutionary model architecture that delivers the accuracy and capabilities of the world's largest models, the flexibility and performance of small models, and none of the drawbacks of either.
  • Model Ownership: As generative AI powers more and more business processes, the more valuable it becomes to the organization. Ensure your enterprise gets the benefit of that value, not a model vendor.
  • Data Privacy: Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Protect it with the platform that delivers unrivaled data privacy.
  • Infrastructure: Power the next generation of AI with the purpose built platform that can run the largest models with industry leading performance and accuracy.