Enterprise-grade AI

Posted by Keith Parker on April 15, 2024

When ChatGPT was released on November 30, 2022, it changed the public perception of AI and set the standard for consumer-grade AI. However, enterprises face different challenges and have to be highly strategic in their adoption of generative AI - breadth and depth of expertise are important, secure training on private data is vital, security and access controls matter, and  - of course - enterprises want high performance, great accuracy, and a predictable, low TCO. Essentially, these organizations are looking for enterprise-grade platforms to power the next wave of digital transformation.

Our new model, Samba-1, addresses these questions. Delivered as part of the SambaNova Suite, enterprise customers can now enjoy the benefits of the largest and most flexible generative AI solution on a platform that was purpose-built to deliver the security, data privacy, and performance that is required in the enterprise.  

Enterprise organizations have stringent requirements for the solutions that power their businesses. In addition to requirements around performance, reliability, accuracy, and total cost of ownership (TCO), they also have to be concerned about meeting compliance requirements, security and data privacy, and other issues that are less important to the consumer space. They also have to be concerned about systems management, data center sprawl, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Meeting these strict requirements demands a platform that is purpose-built for the enterprise.

An enterprise-grade AI platform needs to deliver:

  • Breadth and depth
    Provide highly accurate generative AI capabilities across a variety of use cases throughout the entire enterprise
  • Security
    Maintain consistency with all existing data access controls and data governance policies
  • High performance & accuracy
    Leverage highly accurate models, fine tuned for greater accuracy, with the fastest inference performance
  • Organization-specific knowledge
    Understand the language of the organization, such as product names, customer information, shipping schedules, and more that is specific to the business
  • Data Security
    Protect the valuable, internal data that is necessary to understand the business once it is in the model
  • No lock-in
    Ensure models and data are portable between systems rather than dependent on a single vendor
  • Flexible deployment
    Optimize accessibility through any combination of cloud or on-premises deployment, on a platform that is easy to use, does not require complex and costly infrastructure, and is powerful enough to eliminate data center sprawl
  • Low, predictable TCO
    Offer all of this with a TCO that is a many times better than what is possible with legacy systems

This is the first in a series of blogs that will discuss what it means to be an enterprise-grade.

Learn more about what it means to be enterprise-grade, and how SambaNova Suite, the first full-stack platform, purpose-built for generative AI uniquely meets that definition.

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