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Text-to-SQL accuracy that beats GPT-4

Users can access valuable information locked in their SQL databases faster and easier than ever before.


SambaNova Joins NAIRR pilot program to support strategic national AI research initiative

The NAIRR Pilot collaboration between the NSF, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and SambaNova...


The purpose built architecture and why it matters to the enterprise

As enterprises move to adopt generative AI at scale, it is critical that they choose the best infrastructure to...


The importance of open source models for the enterprise

Choosing the right generative AI model is one of the most important decisions that an organization will make....


Predictions for Generative AI in 2024

In 2024, we will see generative AI move from a consumer chat tool to become a key part of every enterprise, changing...


Retrieval Augmented Generation in SambaNova Suite

By adding RAG support, SambaNova Suite continues to deliver the performance, accuracy, and flexibility to power the...


Welcome to the era of pervasive AI

As we enter the era of pervasive AI, the accuracy demanded by enterprise tasks means that LLMs will need to have...


Delivering on the promise of pervasive AI: SambaNova Suite, powered by the SN40L

SambaNova enhanced the SambaNova Suite – the only purpose-built, full stack LLM platform – with its revolutionary...


Accelerating HPC Simulations and AI with SambaNova

At ISC High Performance 2023, May 21-23 SambaNova will showcase how generative AI is already being used to...