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Posted by SambaNova Systems on November 14, 2022

SC22, Dallas, TX. November 14, 2022 SambaNova Systems, the company delivering the industry’s only comprehensive software, hardware, and solutions platform to run Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, and foundation models, announces computer vision capabilities for seismic analysis, a process used to identify oil and gas deposits representing billions of dollars in potential profit for oil and gas companies.

Correctly predicting the location of oil and gas accumulations is time-consuming and complex, involving highly- trained specialists who need to analyze hundreds of km3 of geospatial image data. The accuracy of the predictions is critical, as an incorrect prediction could represent lost opportunity and wasted capital investments.

“This is a pivotal time for the oil and gas sector, as operators look to improve efficiency and maximize value,” stated Rodrigo Liang, CEO and co-founder, SambaNova Systems. “Leading oil and gas organizations are leveraging computer vision models to make more accurate predictions in less time, resulting in potentially billions of dollars from the discovery of additional resource deposits.”

Marshall Choy, SVP Product at SambaNova Systems, states: “The conventional solutions available today are not designed to handle complex AI workloads such as analysis of hundreds of km3 of geological data in the oil and gas industry for seismic analysis. SambaNova provides a comprehensive AI solution offering that can handle the largest 3D networks leveraged for geologic study and exploration.”

Benefits of SambaNova for Oil and Gas:

      • More Accurate Discovery Predictions: Deep learning computer vision models can accelerate time to analysis by 10-15%. This improved speed enables oil and gas companies to analyze and make more predictions, generating more value and opportunity.
      • Faster training of computer vision models: SambaNova accelerates the time-consuming model training process by reducing the labeled data required to train a model by 97.6%, while simultaneously resulting in more detailed 3D features that improve the accuracy of the analysis.
      • Higher resolution seismic images — 5123 and beyond: The higher quality of 5123 resolution images enable seismic analysts to make more accurate predictions in less time, resulting in additional resource discovery.

Benefits of SambaNova for Oil and Gas:The higher quality images enable seismic analysts to make more accurate predictions in less time, resulting additional resource discovery

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