The Insurmountable Challenge of Building AI at Scale - SambaNova

Posted by SambaNova Systems on January 13, 2022
The Insurmountable Challenge of Building AI at Scale - SambaNova

Organizations today have either adopted an AI strategy or know they need to do so. AI is fundamentally reshaping every market, industry, and even governments. No area will be untouched by AI and those that fail to embrace it properly are destined to lose. Everyone understands the need for AI, the challenge is in how to do it.

The most common method used thus far has been for organizations to build their own AI solution. With this method organizations:

  1. Recruit data scientists
  2. Invest millions (and often tens of millions) in infrastructure
  3. Spend years building out custom AI models

Yet with all this time, work, and expense the most common result is failure – failure in terms of getting the AI effort into production (or getting it out of the sandbox). This approach consistently fails because it requires too much time, too much money, and too much effort coupled with a lack of available talent to do the work.

The problem is that outside of a few HyperScalers, most organizations are not structured to build and maintain complex AI models and infrastructure. Finding, recruiting, and retaining the data science talent is difficult, if not impossible. If your organization is located near MIT, Stanford, or HyperScaler headquarters, the talent may be there. If you’re anywhere else, it may be far more challenging.

Beyond that, building and training complex AI models usually requires the use of hundreds or even thousands of GPUs. While widely used, GPUs were never designed for the data center or for processing AI algorithms. At the scale of large AI models, such as those for NLP or computer vision, GPUs add cost and complexity to an already challenging problem.

Yet the build it yourself approach has been the only option available. There has not been a solution that offers organizations a complete stack, from silicon to software, until now.

SambaNova Dataflow-as-a-Service is the first complete solution for large scale AI model training and inference. By using SambaNova, organizations can quickly and easily deploy the largest AI models. SambaNova trains the models for you, using a next-generation platform that eliminates the inefficiencies of GPUs, dramatically reducing costs while accelerating time to value.

Using SambaNova to launch your AI initiatives in days instead of years, allows you to leapfrog the competition to launch products faster, better meet the needs of your customers, and gain market share.

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AI is here. With SambaNova, customers are deploying the power of AI and deep learning in weeks rather than years to meet the demands of the AI-enabled world. SambaNova’s flagship offering, Dataflow-as-a-ServiceTM, is a complete solution purpose-built for AI and deep learning that overcomes the limitations of legacy technology to power the large and complex models that enable customers to discover new opportunities, unlock new revenue and boost operational efficiency. For more information please visit us at or contact us at Follow SambaNova Systems on LinkedIn.