2022: The Defining Year for AI Breakthroughs at Scale - SambaNova

Posted by SambaNova Systems on January 3, 2022

2022: The Defining Year for AI Breakthroughs at Scale - SambaNova

When it comes to predictions about Artificial Intelligence in 2022, there’s no shortage of commentary from experts on “breakthroughs” that will happen, and new AI technologies that will be discovered.

Forget all that. The technologies are already here. AI is already being successfully deployed and is delivering competitive advantage in every industry, in every market, in almost every corner of the world.

Right now, we stand on the cusp of a defining moment and we are witnessing just how powerful it is for our customers. But, like a lot of major turning points in history, some people living through this transformative change haven’t realized it yet. We all need to be able to read the signals to see what’s really happening.

Here are four ways that AI will grow in scale and importance in 2022, ultimately making the world in 2023 a much different place from 2021.

  1. The End of DIY-AI: There’s only so much we can do alone. Right now, a lot of companies are taking a Do It Yourself approach to AI. But as organizations start to bump up against the (human) talent shortage, and as they recognize the performance risks of lagging behind in the race for AI adoption, they’re going to find others to help them. As a result, 2022 will be the year that AI-as-a-Service expands, which will  allow for investment in applying insights over creating those insights.
  2. The Big Sectors Get Serious: In terms of global impact, there are few players bigger than the global financial services sector. Together with the public sector, insurance, and manufacturing, the financial services sector has been investing in AI and using it, seamlessly, in the background of their operations. In 2022, these sectors will deploy AI in transformative ways that will forever change how their operations are run and their revenue is grown. And they will never look back.
  3. Context is Coming:  It’s not so much a revolution as an evolution, but the technological leap in 2022 will happen when AI-enabled devices develop contextual understanding – changing forever how we interact with our devices. Right now, AI functions on inputs that are literal and linear. AI using Natural Language Processing models will be able to give context to your devices, helping the AI to understand the meaning behind what you’re asking them to do or remember.
  4. Bigger is Better: AI solutions that gain market traction will be those that support large models. Chopping up data so that legacy systems can process the data will become a thing of the past.  We know that industries like banking need to see all the risk, not part of the risk; healthcare professionals need to see the entire medical image, not segments of it, and e-commerce recommendations need to be at the individual level, not extrapolations of a larger set.

Purpose-built AI solutions, especially those offering a complete solution will be called upon to meet the needs of data intensive organizations.

While the innovation is ongoing, the real story here is that 2022 will be less about breakthroughs in performance than breakthroughs in scale. And that’s a huge story. In fact, it’s THE story.

And as we achieve that scale – watch out. Because history is being written, right now.

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