SambaNova Systems DataScale: A New Era of Computing

Posted by SambaNova Systems on December 9, 2020

With each generation, we have pushed the limits of innovation and discovery to make the incredible happen with technology. Some technology is truly revolutionary and paves the way for transformations we have yet to imagine.

On a global scale, the innovations materializing today from machine learning and AI will change the way we work and live forever. And within the tech sector, the need to pioneer these innovations has forced the entire industry to re-examine how we design next-generation infrastructure for complex machine learning workloads that require more than just transactional processing and raw performance.

When SambaNova Systems first set out, we had one goal: To make AI accessible to organizations of all sizes across all industries. And we are delivering on that promise. Today, with our technology, we are on the brink of one of the biggest transformations in computing history since the advent of the Internet.

We are proud and excited to introduce the world’s next-generation computing infrastructure—SambaNova Systems DataScale. DataScale is ushering in a new era of computing and is giving us a clearer view of what the future of computing will look like.

What makes DataScale so special?

Unlike conventional hardware architectures, which present a fixed set of instructions for developers to piece together, software-defined hardware enables developers to think from a software-first perspective. This empowerment results in orders-of-magnitude improvements in efficiency and unlocks greater compute power to meet the rigorous demands of AI application development.

The SambaNova Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture™ (RDA) is the answer to the industry’s needs for a software-first approach and is the blueprint for DataScale. RDA is a spatially reconfigurable architecture designed to efficiently execute a broad range of AI applications and models of all sizes and forms.

While other AI infrastructure companies are focusing on just one technology component—the chip—DataScale is a complete, integrated software and hardware systems platform optimized for dataflow from algorithms to silicon.

With DataScale, rather than being constrained by the limitations of traditional hardware infrastructure, developers can focus on discovering new opportunities to innovate and accomplish what they once thought impossible.

Powered by SambaNova’s Reconfigurable Dataflow Unit™ (RDU), a next-generation processor built from the ground up to offer native dataflow processing, DataScale helps to future-proof your data center.

The reconfigurable and flexible characteristics of RDUs and the high-speed fabric that connects them means maximum system throughput and performance no matter what is thrown at them. Most importantly, it means a stack that can be optimized to meet the changing AI demands of the near future.

Our incredible customers are already doing great work with DataScale. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, for example, is coupling DataScale into its Corona supercomputing system, which is being used for COVID-19 drug discovery. And Los Alamos National Laboratory uses DataScale in modeling extremely complex quantum chemistry.

Achieving world record-breaking performance metrics

DataScale achieves record-breaking performance metrics from system level to multi-rack scale when compared to the latest, most advanced platforms used in four key areas: Performance, accuracy, scale, and ease of use. I invite you to read the press release for details.

With our launch, we are also introducing an industry-first—a subscription-based offering called Dataflow-as-a-Service (DaaS). DaaS is available in three monthly subscription types customized for natural language processing, high-res computer vision, or recommender systems. They are accessible in both cost and configuration, and deliver on SambaNova’s promise to make AI more accessible to organizations of all sizes across all industries.

In addition, we are also granting easy, powerful cloud access to both academics and researchers. SambaNova AI Cloud Platform for universities and research laboratories gives users access to all the power of DataScale without the physical hardware. We’re accepting research proposals now.

At SambaNova, we are proud of what our customers are accomplishing with DataScale. And we look forward to what we will continue to accomplish together as organizations all over the world are empowered by a new, better way of computing.

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Rodrigo Liang
Rodrigo Liang

Rodrigo is Co-founder and CEO of SambaNova Systems.