Accenture and SambaNova: Delivering Generative AI to the Enterprise

Posted by SambaNova Systems on April 24, 2023

Accenture and SambaNova: Delivering Generative AI to the Enterprise


Accenture and SambaNova are now delivering powerful, generative AI solutions that have been optimized for enterprise and government organizations. Capable of analyzing massively complex documents, understanding volumes of data of varying types, creating net new content, and more, it is hard to overstate the potential impact of generative AI. The solutions from Accenture and SambaNova are designed to meet the demanding needs of these organizations in ways that consumer grade generative AI does not. 


Overcoming the Challenges with Consumer Generative AI

While consumer grade generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has captured the public’s and the media’s imagination, business leaders are struggling with how to take advantage of the massive opportunities this transformative technology presents. 

The challenges with incorporating this technology into business applications are significant. Some of these include:  

  • The models are trained on generic, internet data
  • Models refined using an organization’s data may become available to competitors
  • Models fine tuned with organizational data remain the property of the vendor
  • Governance and auditability may not be possible


Building solutions optimized for the enterprise

Recognizing these challenges, Accenture and SambaNova are partnering to co-develop generative AI solutions, optimized for enterprise and government organizations, that unlock the potential of this technology, while meeting the demanding requirements of these organizations. The partnership between the two companies has resulted in the development of solutions that drive line of business efficiency and productivity, with security features that protect the privacy and integrity of the data used by generative AI solutions. It can automate user and employee experiences, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and unlock insights trapped in unstructured data.


Bringing generative AI to the business

The Accenture and SambaNova solutions seamlessly integrate with existing workflows through simple APIs, so there is no need to replace existing tools or processes. Examples of these solutions include Contact Center Intelligence, which enables enterprises to assist agents with customer calls, discover information about customer interactions, and better meet compliance requirements. Document Intelligence extracts information from massive volumes of documents, derives insights from extremely complex documents, and more. 


Organizational data, fine-tuning, and governance

These solutions utilize models that are pre-trained with domain specific data on the latest open source models. This means that in addition to always having the latest and most powerful models, organizations are able to take advantage of models pre-trained, out-of-the box. 

Models are then further adapted using an organization’s own data for even higher accuracy. Once a model has been trained using internal data, that model becomes a critical asset and is the property of the organization in perpetuity.  

These solutions deliver significant benefits to the enterprise, including:

Governance: Customers control all the layers of the model, not just the last layer.

Auditability: Get full visibility on the model weights and datasets it was trained on. 

Control: Export the model at any point and maintain ownership of the model.



While consumer tools, such as ChatGPT, have captured the attention of the media, Accenture and SambaNova are delivering systems that are optimized for and can meet the specific requirements of  banks and other large enterprises. These solutions deliver the data governance, auditability, and control that these types of organizations demand, on a fully integrated platform, that is available as an on-premises solution or delivered anywhere as a cloud service. 


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Marshall Choy
Marshall Choy

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