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Accelerate the next wave of digital transformation with the first platform to deliver enterprise grade chips, software, and models in a fully integrated system, purpose built for AI.

Accelerate your AI transformation

Organizations that will define the next decade are building deep capability in AI – maximizing their knowledge, transforming productivity, and delivering new capabilities to their customers. This means building AI as a long-term asset.

Start with the world’s most advanced, integrated, secure AI system from SambaNova.

Introducing SambaNova Suite, powered by SN40L

Watch the Composition of Experts demo to discover what SambaNova Suite can bring to your enterprise
Train fast and efficiently
Train fast and efficiently
We offer the highest performance for the largest (1T) models, delivering the speed and accuracy enterprises need.
Own your model
Own your model
Start with our powerful foundation models, train on your data. Fully owned, fully portable, no lock-in.
Faster time to value
Faster time to value
Instant deployability means you can be up and running in days, not years.
Lower cost to build and run
Lower cost to build and run
A fraction of the cost of building from scratch, SambaNova’s all-in-one stack saves money as well as time.
Secure, open and explainable
Secure, open and explainable
Our models are built on open standards, ensuring full explainability to regulators and customers, and reliability and consistency in results.
Available & reliable
Demands of large models, lagging performance, scarcity, and high cost of legacy compute systems have restricted access to scaled AI. SambaNova delivers dedicated hardware – always available, reliable, and predictable.

Unrivaled full-stack AI

From purpose-built chips to the most powerful models, the industry’s only all-in-one enterprise AI platform gives you high performance and full control over your model, your security and your data.
Enterprise integration
Select from a wide-range of ready to train, finetune, and deploy models from a simple user interface
Pre-trained foundation models
  • The latest, most powerful open-source models
  • Honed for your industry and use case
  • Fine tuned on your data - and owned by you
Platform management
Single, enterprise-wide view of data ingestion, model training, retraining and serving, along with access control and security
SambaFlow software
Automatically optimizes across SW/HW stack, eliminating need for custom kernel and library development
Dataflow hardware
Our Dataflow hardware is purpose-built for AI, leveraging large memory essential for the largest, most accurate models. Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture (RDA) delivers lightning fast performance for training and inference
SambaNova, an early developer of the pre-trained foundation models that underpin language-recognition technology, recently launched a suite of "enterprise-ready" generative AI systems that includes ChatGPT chatbots specifically for banks, law firms, healthcare providers and the sectors, Mr. Singh said
— Angus Loten, The Wall Street Journal
Each of the systems has eight DataScale SN30 chips, launched in September, and triples the speed of the previous generation.
— Jane Lanhee Lee, Reuters
Even if [Nvidia’s] DGX-H100 offers 3X the performance at 16-bit floating point calculation than the DGX-A100, it will not close the gap with the SambaNova system.
— Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Next Platform
The Palo Alto-based AI startup this week revealed its DataScale systems and Cardinal SN30 accelerator, which the company claims is capable of delivering 688 TFLOPS of BF16 performance, twice that of Nvidia's A100.
— Tobias Mann, The Register
Enterprises are increasingly adopting AI to power a wide range of business applications. As such, it believes it makes sense to move away from tactical AI deployments to a more scalable, enterprise-wide solution.
— Mike Wheatley, SiliconANGLE
... some tech industry observers say that in their current state, generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are not ready for enterprise use due to privacy and compliance concerns. SambaNova said its suite for generative AI works with customer data to tackle some of these problems.
— Esther Ajao, TechTarget
SambaNova bills its offering as “a fully integrated AI platform innovating in every level of the stack,” and the company is positioning this offering against Nvidia’s suite in its comparisons.
— Oliver Peckham, HPCWire

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