The first full stack generative AI platform for enterprise and government agencies

Enterprise and government agencies need to transform every part of their organization to drive greater profitability, gain competitive advantage, and enable new capabilities. Taking advantage of this technology requires a new type of computing, based on a dataflow architecture.  

SambaNova delivers the only full stack platform, including our fourth generation chip, software which simplifies the adoption and use of generative AI, and a powerful and flexible trillion parameter Composition of Experts models, all on a system which can be deployed on-premises in only minutes or as-a-Service.

SamabNova SN40L

The fourth generation chip from SambaNova, the SN40L, brings revolutionary capabilities to organizations deploying generative AI. The SN40L uses a dataflow architecture to dramatically improve the performance of AI model training and inference, eliminating the bottlenecks inherent to legacy designs. With a three tier memory architecture, including both fast and large memory tiers, the SN40L can easily handle the largest models of today and tomorrow.


Generative AI requires both computation and communication. The SambaNova Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture enables communications to be programmed and optimized to best suit how data should transit a series of computations. Combined with SambaFlow™ software, which configures the physical resources of the chip so that data is processed in parallel, this results in much higher throughput, higher hardware utilization and lower latency than is possible with legacy architecture.


SambaNova provides a complete software stack with an open, flexible, and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to select, train, and run the largest models. The SambaNova software stack automatically extracts, optimizes, and executes the optimal dataflow graph on SambaNova’s Reconfigurable Dataflow Units™ (RDUs), so you can focus on productivity and never worry about low level tuning again. 


Both SambaNova Suite and SambaNova DataScale come as a complete platform. Deployed as-a-Service or on-premises, as a fully configured rack level system that can be installed and running in minutes, both systems offer the performance, flexibility, security, and scalability to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises and governments.

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