The World’s Most Powerful Full Stack AI Solution

From chips to trillion parameter models and everything in between, SambaNova’s purpose-built AI solution is leading the next wave of digital transformation in the enterprise.

Worlds-Best Full Stack AI Platform | SambaNova

Enterprise Integration

Select from a wide-range of easily deployed models from a simple user interface

  • AI Starter Kits – templates, tools and demos showcasing how to get value from our models for real business use cases like semantic search and domain-assistants
  • Simple, API-based integration of models into downstream applications


  • The first trillion parameter model, with the security, data privacy, and compliance the enterprise requires
  • Scale up to meet the needs of the organization and to address every use case
  • Every customer owns their private model


  • Easily train and manage all your expert models as a single instance
  • Manage your generative AI environment from a single interface


  • The only RDU, purpose built for trillion parameter models
  • Designed to deliver the performance that enterprise-grade generative AI requires
  • Enjoy a significantly better TCO than GPU-based systems

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