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Rodrigo Liang, SambaNova: $5+ Billion Valuation

SambaNova Systems CEO and Co-Founder Rodrigo Liang was featured on the Unicorn Builders Podcast, produced by Front...


GovTech Talks #6: CEO & Co-Founder at SambaNova Systems, Rodrigo Liang

What we need is technology, hardware and software, that allows us to begin the work of innovating, inventing,...


The Future of LLMs, Compute Democratization and Open-Source Models

If they want to train their own models or work on their own models. And I think this goes for other types of...


Why AI is Still Being Underhyped, Innovating at the Hardware Layer, and Why the Future of AI is Open Source

What’s different about this now is that the capabilities, the services that you’ll be able to provide the knowledge...


Learn How AstraZeneca is Using AI for Drug Discovery – with Krishna Bulusu of AstraZeneca

AI has transformed the process of drug discovery, enabling new drugs to be identified and brought to market faster...


How AI Is Being Successfully Deployed by Leading Organizations

Deployments of AI have now reached a level of maturity and organizational readiness where there are meaningful...


How AI is optimizing the supply chain for complex industrial systems and increasing sustainability – with Caroline Gorski of Rolls Royce

The fragility of global supply chains, particularly for complex processes, has had a significant impact on...


Why the Defense Innovation Unit Considers AI Critical to the Public and Private Sector – with Jared Dunnmon at Defense Innovation Unit

The Defense Innovation Unit is using deep learning to analyze vast amounts of Publicly Available Information (PAI)...


Discover How AI is Changing Healthcare Enabling Medical Providers to Treat More Patients While Delivering Better Outcomes – with Kostas Papagiannopoulos, Leeds

The NHS is taking advantage of AI and NLP to transform patient care. At Leeds Hospital they are creating patient...