SambaNova SuiteThe first enterprise-grade AI platform with 1+ trillion parameters

SambaNova Suite: The Enterprise AI Platform | SambaNova

A full-stack, generative AI platform, from chips to 1+ trillion parameter models, optimized for enterprise and governments.

Powered by the intelligent SN40L chip, the SambaNova Suite is a fully integrated platform, delivered on-premises or in the cloud. Combined with Samba-1, the first trillion parameter generative AI model with the data privacy, access control, simplified management, model ownership, and capability to address every use case that enterprises require, SambaNova Suite delivers inference performance and a TCO that is 10x better than legacy systems.

SambaNova Suite fullstack

A Complete Platform

SambaNova Suite comes as a fully configured platform, complete with all hardware, software, networking, and trillion parameter models.

Only SambaNova Suite offers the performance, flexibility, security, scalability, and low TCO to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises and government organizations.

Composition of Experts

Samba-1 is the only 1T parameter model that delivers on the needs of the enterprise. 

  • Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Model ownership
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership

The Benefits of Open Source

SambaNova Suite includes Samba-1 - the only 1T parameter CoE model:

  • The latest in best-in-class open source models 
  • Built on open standards to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Securely fine tune models using private data
  • Own your model in perpetuity
  • Achieve greater explainability due to insight into the model weights and training data



SambaNova Suite's intuitive user interface:

  • Empowers customers to load, train and run all their models as a single instance
  • Enables models to run quickly and efficiently
  • Eliminate complexity of managing multiple smaller models
  • Manage all your models from a single endpoint


The SN40L brings revolutionary capabilities to organizations deploying generative AI.

  • Three-tiered memory architecture accelerates model inference 10x
  • Uses a dataflow architecture to eliminate the bottlenecks inherent to legacy systems
  • Easily handles the largest multi-trillion parameter models of today and tomorrow

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