Fueling the next wave of AI innovation, today

AI is changing the world and at SambaNova, we believe that you don’t need unlimited resources to take advantage of the most advanced, valuable AI capabilities – capabilities that are helping organizations explore the universe, find cures for cancer, and giving companies access to insights that provide a competitive edge.

AI is reshaping industries and defining the next generation of leaders. The question is no longer, ‘should I’, it’s ‘how fast can I’ leverage the power of AI to transform?

— Rodrigo Liang, Co-founder & CEO

SambaNova Suite for generative AI

We’ve built an enterprise-ready AI platform from the ground up – intentionally designed for the most valuable and complex AI workloads of today and tomorrow. Using our platform to build a technology backbone for the next decade of AI innovation, organizations get pre-trained foundation models that truly transform the way they gain value from AI and deep learning. And, with our flagship offering, SambaNova Suite, we help them realize value 22x faster.

Foundation models represent a paradigm shift in AI and deep learning – truly transforming the value organizations can derive from AI. We’re innovating at every layer of the AI stack to deliver the fully integrated AI platform that will serve as the technology backbone for this next generation of AI computing and innovation.

— Kunle Olukotun, Co-founder & Chief Technologist

A new era of AI: foundation models

Meet our founders

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SambaNova Systems

SambaNova was founded in 2017 in Palo Alto, California, by a group of industry luminaries, business leaders, and world-class innovators who understand AI. Today, we’ve built an incredibly smart and motivated team dedicated to making a lasting impact on the industry and equipping our customers to thrive in the new era of AI.