SambaNova’s conversation on generative AI with Vipul Ved Prakash, Co-Founder and CEO of Together

Posted by SambaNova Systems on February 28, 2023

Last week SambaNova’s Co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Liang caught up with Vipul Prakash, Co-Founder and CEO of Together to discuss some of the most important topics facing generative AI, including why generative AI is so exciting, what needs to happen for generative AI to succeed in the enterprise, and how SambaNova and Together are partnering to build a thriving open source generative AI ecosystem.


Below are three of my favorite insights from Rodrigo’s conversation with Vipul. You can also watch the full video above.

Generative AI’s transformative potential is defined by an unprecedented combination of accuracy and versatility

Vipul noted that generative AI models have increased accuracy on standard benchmarks (such as the Stanford Question and Answer) by more than 23%, a larger increase than the last decade combined. On top of that, generative AI models are highly flexible, with the ability to not only write code and answer customer service requests, but to complete creative tasks, such as writing poetry. It is this unprecedented combination of accuracy and versatility that has captured the world’s attention with this new technology.

Enterprises want to control their own destiny with generative AI 

To find success in the enterprise, generative AI needs to evolve from consumer applications such as ChatGPT. This means not just higher accuracy and dependability, but transparency and reproducibility. Perhaps most important for enterprises is the ability to “control their own destiny” with generative AI: they need to be able use their data to adapt these models in a secure way. This means data provenance and data privacy, with the ability to deploy generative AI models on premises, and ultimately retain ownership of any model they adapt and develop in this way.

The best ideas can come from anywhere

One thing that SambaNova and Together strongly agree on is that the future of generative AI will be powered by the open source community. This means that the community not only needs access to the latest models, but also a platform to innovate, train, and experiment on. Enabling this access for the open source community is one of the core aspects of the SambaNova and Together partnership.

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Erik Goelz
Erik Goelz

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