SambaNova’s conversation on generative AI with Ed Abbo, President and Chief Technologist of C3 AI

Posted by SambaNova Systems on March 3, 2023

Last week, SambaNova’s Co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Liang caught up with Ed Abbo, President and Chief Technologist of C3 AI to discuss how generative AI is transforming the enterprise, including how generative AI delivers a new human computer interface for enterprise AI, the importance of verifiability, and why enterprises will require generative AI solutions to be securely deployed within their own environment.

Below are three of my favorite insights from Rodrigo’s conversation with Ed. You can also watch the full video above.

Generative AI has fundamentally changed the human computer interface for enterprise AI

Historically, enterprise AI tools have had different interfaces that required users to learn and be trained on these systems, often requiring learning complex coding languages. Generative AI removes the need for training on these systems by enabling users to both ask a question and receive an answer in natural language. This means that business users can simply ask a question through a ‘search bar’ experience, such as “Where will my supply chain break down?” and receive a detailed answer based on the inputs across different enterprise systems.

Enterprises need verifiability

One of the main differences between consumer and enterprise generative AI is the importance of verifiability. In the enterprise, generative AI not only needs to be highly accurate, but when retrieving an answer to a question it needs to provide references to where that answer came from. This is particularly important in complex enterprise technology environments with hundreds or even thousands of different tools and systems. 

Generative AI needs to be deployed securely in an enterprise’s own environment

Just as with any new technology, generative AI needs to meet information security requirements for enterprises and government organizations. That means generative AI models and infrastructure need to be deployed and managed within a company’s own environment.

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Erik Goelz
Erik Goelz

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