AI for Everyone, Everywhere | Now In The Public Cloud

Posted by SambaNova Systems on August 26, 2021

AI for Everyone, Everywhere | Now In The Public Cloud

The vision of rapidly enabling organizations in their AI transformation just accelerated with the SambaNova and ORock Technologies announcement offering the availability of compliant and secure AI Cloud services deployments.

Now, enterprises and organizations of all shapes and sizes can gain access to SambaNova Systems’ AI capabilities in the ORock cloud, with compliance and security built-in. The flexibility and accessibility that the ORock cloud enables, provides industries ranging from financial services, energy, healthcare, government, and more, to quickly and easily integrate SambaNova AI solutions into their cloud-first deployments. Customers can now rapidly deploy SambaNova AI services for Natural Language Processing (NLP), true resolution computer vision, and recommendation without deploying on-premises infrastructure.

This allows customers to address the human capital shortage associated with data scientists and artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning personnel. Organizations can now stay focused on what they do best with their core business, while being able to take full advantage of the competitive and mission outcomes that AI offers.

SambaNova’s commitment to expanding accessibility of its solutions to customers in the cloud resulted in a natural partnership between ORock and SambaNova. We are both technologists at heart and we are equally customer obsessed with a focus on enabling previously unattainable outcomes. With one simple subscription, SambaNova AI solutions – which deliver the highest levels of performance, accuracy, scale, and ease of use – are now more accessible via the ORock cloud to everyone, everywhere. Read more about ORock Technologies plans for SambaNova AI solutions in their blog titled: First-of-its-kind cloud-based AI solution for everyone, everywhere.

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Marshall Choy
Marshall Choy

Marshall is the Senior Vice President of Product at SambaNova Systems, responsible for product management and go-to-market.