If You Aren't Winning with AI,
You're Losing to It.


If You Aren't Winning with AI,
You're Losing to It

Evolving AI/ML requirements are presenting challenges beyond the capability of conventional GPU and CPU systems. The next generation of AI challenges will be met with solutions that utilize deep neural networks and software-defined hardware platforms.

Watch this webinar and learn:

– How new software and hardware solutions are delivering next-generation capability for complex workloads

– Why maximum flexibility is critical to applications like computer vision and natural language processing (NLP)

– Integrating new capabilities with minimal disruption to operation

Dan Faggella headshot


Doug Drakeley, Former JAIC, AFRC Leader, SambaNova Systems Advisory Board and Industry Specialist

Jennifer Glore headshot


Jennifer Glore, Vice President, Customer Engineering, SambaNova Systems

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