How AI Has Changed The
Financial Services Landscape


How AI Has Changed The Financial Services Landscape

How AI Has Changed The Financial Services Landscape

More than any other industry, AI has changed the way that banking, insurance, and financial services organizations serve and interact with their customers, reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance. According to one survey, 81% of these organizations are planning to significantly increase their AI/ML investments, which is the highest percentage of any industry.

Those that have invested in AI have a significant advantage over their competitors by being able to:

  • Increase market share and enter new markets
  • Process claims and perform document verification faster and with greater accuracy
  • Better meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Drive profitability in capital markets via portfolio optimization and trade strategy innovation

Join us on this webinar to learn how your organization can quickly deploy AI solutions with less cost and complexity than would otherwise be possible.

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Bob Gaines, Managing Director, Business Development, Financial Services


Bob Gaines leads financial services business development at SambaNova Systems. Having begun his career in information architecture with StorageTek and HPC with Sun Microsystems, DDN, and Cray, Bob most recently led IBM’s Data & AI practice for the Americas around software-defined HPDA. A leader in machine learning, Bob’s specialties include big data, high-performance data analytics, and helping customers accelerate digital transformation by simplifying quantitative workflows with AI. He has spent the last 10 years helping financial firms build smarter algorithmic trading models for quantitative research, algo-trading strategy development, risk, and compliance. Bob holds an MBA from Loyola and an advanced data science certificate from MIT, School of Engineering.

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