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Deep Learning has revolutionized what can be accomplished with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and large language models. Unlocking the potential of this technology requires more than simply training generic models with common terminology. It requires that the model be trained on the specific terminology of a given industry to ensure that the language and the context used is understood correctly.

Only SambaNova empowers banking organizations to take advantage of the power of NLP with SambaNova Suite GPT BankingTM the first Deep Learning large language model purpose-built and pre-trained specifically for the financial services industry.

SambaNova Suite enables organizations to take advantage of the only fully integrated, full stack generative AI solution at scale, with the ability to be deployed in weeks rather than months. GPT Banking is an out-of-the box model, pre-trained and refined specifically for the needs of enterprise banking organizations. GPT Banking uniquely delivers unprecedented performance, accuracy, and time to value for the banking industry, far beyond what is possible with generic models.

Key Benefits

One Model for All Banking Language Tasks. GPT Banking delivers a high degree of accuracy across a wide range of language tasks such as language processing, understanding, classification, generation, and even translation with a single model

Unprecedented Accuracy. In AI, performance is meaningless without accuracy. SambaNova experts have pre-trained GPT Banking models to deliver industry leading accuracy that is unmatched by legacy systems


Accelerated Time to Value. While building AI solutions on legacy architecture can take 18-36 months, SambaNova Suite GPT Banking, can be delivering value to your organization in only weeks, helping you stay ahead of the competition

SambaNova Suite GPT Banking Provides Benefits To the Financial Services Industry Not Available Anywhere Else

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Pre-trained for Banking Organizations

Models trained on generic language sets can miss critical distinctions that are specific to an industry. In common terms a check could mean an additional review to be sure something is correct, but for banks it is a method of payment. It is simple for a human to know the difference, but for an AI system, it can be much harder. That is why SambaNova pre-trained and then further refined the textual corpus used for GPT Banking, resulting in unprecedented accuracy for the financial services industry.

Available Anywhere

SambaNova Suite GPT Banking is delivered on the SambaNova Suite platform. Available as an on-premises implementation or delivered as a cloud service, SambaNova Suite eliminates the need to buy and install infrastructure, hire people to manage that infrastructure, and find data scientists to build and train models. With SambaNova Suite you can be up and running in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take, giving you rapid time to value while eliminating the uncertainty inherent in building your own models.

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OTP Leverages AI to Transform Banking

OTP Bank Board Member and Chief Digital Officer, Péter Csányi, discusses how they were able to quickly deploy AI to establish a leading position, offer new products and services, and enter new markets.

OTP Leverages AI to Transform Banking

OTP Bank Board Member and Chief Digital Officer, Péter Csányi, discusses how they were able to quickly deploy AI to establish a leading position, offer new products and services, and enter new markets.

GPT Banking enables customers to leverage state-of-the-art language processing, understanding, generation, classification, and translation to optimize nearly every step of this customer service value chain with a single model.

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Optimize Omnichannel Communications

Analyze all customer engagements, dramatically reduce customer call times, and improve the total customer experience.

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Sentiment Analysis

Understand the reason for every customer engagement and increase NPS, which ties directly into profitability.

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Risk and Compliance Management

Analyze compliance and risk, redact sensitive information, and take advantage of scalable, eDiscovery in contracts and other large documents,

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