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On-Demand Webcast

State-of-the-Art AI as a service – becoming an AI driven life sciences enterprise without becoming an AI company

The drug discovery process is unsustainably long, expensive, and more often than not, unsuccessful. Life sciences enterprises struggle to synthesize data into meaningful knowledge graphs. We have not seen the breakthroughs in cancer research we need to, and research is held back by the inability to diagnose and develop treatments using high resolution images.

In the past few years, AI has shown tremendous progress to accelerate results, but enterprises focused on drug discovery and improving patient outcomes find it difficult to find the talent, build the infrastructure and dedicate the resources to building out production level AI. But now, a generational shift in AI technology could revolutionize how enterprises get to the state-of-the-art. Learn how.

Join Bill Fox, Healthcare and Life Sciences Lead for SambaNova Systems as he covers:

  • The potential impact of more modern AI technology to accelerate time to market, and ROI, with the ability to develop production level AI applications faster, no more getting stuck at the POC
  • Why pharma and life sciences companies should consider diversifying their architecture with modern AI technology
  • Potential opportunities for immediate impact and how to get started evaluating how next generation AI can benefit your business

Bill Fox

Healthcare and Life Sciences Lead SambaNova Systems

Bill leads healthcare and life sciences business development at SambaNova Systems. He has over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology and is an internationally recognized thought leader on digital transformation in healthcare and life sciences. He is the former SVP of AI at Change Healthcare. Prior to that he led the global healthcare and life sciences vertical at MarkLogic. Prior to Marklogic he held senior positions at Booz Allen, LexisNexis and Maximus

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