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On September 14, 2022 SambaNova Systems announced new products and technology that will allow organizations to take advantage of the next wave of AI innovation – foundation models. The SambaNova Foundation Model Platform is a fully integrated AI platform that delivers innovation at each level of the stack, to provide the “AI backbone” for the coming wave of AI innovation over the next 10 years.


DataScale SN30 is the innovation system for state-of-the-art deep learning, Foundation Model, and AI for Science workloads. Powered by the new Cardinal SN30™ RDU, DataScale SN30 delivers additional performance enhancements including world record GPT training that is 6x faster than DGX A100 systems (GPT 13B), 12.8x more memory capacity than DGX A100, and deployment automation and ease of scale capabilities.

Foundation models

Foundation models are powering the next wave of AI innovation. Foundation models deliver both high accuracy and unprecedented versatility, enabled by massive scale, powerful emergent capabilities with zero and few shot prompts, and the ability to solve dozens of different tasks with a single model. This combination of scale, accuracy, and versatility enables organizations to reduce 1000s of legacy models to a single Foundation Model with the unique ability to deliver unprecedented value for organizations and enterprises.

Pre-trained models

SambaNova Dataflow-as-a-ServiceTM GPT delivers production-ready, pre-trained GPT foundation models that can be further adapted through unlimited fine-tuning or pre-training within an organization’s own environment to deliver world record accuracy. This enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy state-of-the-art capabilities that are specifically optimized for their operations, while avoiding the massive complexity, financial investment and time necessary to fully train these models internally.

Subscription pricing

SambaNova Subscription Pricing for DataScale enables organizations to lower the required upfront investment and risk as they scale their AI capabilities while simultaneously enabling pricing predictability and eliminating hidden costs through unlimited training, fine-tuning, and inference. 

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