Practical Healthcare and Life Sciences Applications for a new Generation of AI Capabilities

The COVID 19 pandemic drove rapid positive innovation across both healthcare and life sciences. The urgent need to take patient care “virtual” drove a 5-year acceleration in telehealth in only a few months. The race to find a vaccine required pharma companies to do drug discovery in new, better and faster ways than ever before. AI and machine learning were an important part of the success of these efforts – and no one wants to go back to the old ways.

Bill Fox, Healthcare and Life Sciences Lead at SambaNova Systems, shares practical applications of NLP, computer vision and recommendation models that will continue to support better outcomes for patients and accelerate new drug discovery in a post pandemic AI driven ecosystem.

CEO Rodrigo Liang explains how SambaNova helps companies deploy AI technology on CNBC

Companies are struggling to figure out how to hire teams in order to deploy AI technology. Rodrigo Liang, co-founder and CEO of SambaNova Systems, appeared on CNBC Asia to explain how SambaNova Systems can help.

Emerging Computer Architectures Driven by AI with SambaNova Systems CEO, Rodrigo Liang

To truly harness the scope and opportunities unfolding from this new paradigm of AI, IoT/ Edge, and Data, innovative new architectures that can meet the demands of high performance computing are becoming a critical requirement. This session provides insights into the most significant advancements in today’s technologies that are tackling the challenges while opening up huge market opportunities in this space. This discussion took place on April 14, 2021 at the GSA Silicon Leadership Summit.

Fast track your AI with Dataflow-as-a-Service

Dataflow-as-a-Service is an extensible machine learning services platform that helps jump-start your AI initiatives. SambaNova CEO Rodrigo Liang gives a quick rundown of how this innovative subscription-based offering augments your in-house ML expertise to transform your business at less time and expense.

The world’s first Dataflow-as-a-Service offering

Ready to take your place as an AI leader in your industry? SambaNova CEO Rodrigo Liang highlights why Dataflow-as-a-Service provides the fastest, easiest, and guaranteed path to AI.

Argonne National Laboratory

“We’re interested in technology … that can train models faster than individual GPUs, that has more scalability and has more performance, and so the SambaNova DataScale system met that criteria.”

Rick Stevens, Associate Laboratory Director

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“The support for running multiple models built into the hardware was a significant aspect of our selection of SambaNova Systems. … We’re seeing roughly a 5X improvement compared to a comparable GPU running the same models.”

Bronis de Supinski, Chief Technology Officer

Fireside Chat with SambaNova Systems CEO, Rodrigo Liang

The world of computing is going through a major transition from a pre-AI to post-AI world. Hear SambaNova Systems CEO, Rodrigo Liang, and Morgan Stanley Chairman of Global Semiconductor Investment Banking, Mark Edelstone discuss dataflow computing and how emerging technologies are helping executives shape their AI strategy. This discussion took place on March 1, 2021 at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference.

AI and HPC – A Timely Prescription for the Healthcare Sector

Hear from principal researchers working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as they discuss their firsthand experiences in working with compelling and novel AI and machine learning techniques used in some of the world’s most powerful HPC environments.

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