AI and HPC – A Timely Prescription for the Healthcare Sector

Hear from principal researchers working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as they discuss their firsthand experiences in working with compelling and novel AI and machine learning techniques used in some of the world’s most powerful HPC environments.

Born in the Era of AI, Built for the Future of Computing

Hear from our co-founder and CEO, Rodrigo Liang, as we debut the groundbreaking SambaNova Systems DataScale™.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“The support for running multiple models built into the hardware was a significant aspect of our selection of SambaNova Systems. … We’re seeing roughly a 5X improvement compared to a comparable GPU running the same models.”

Bronis de Supinski, Chief Technology Officer

SambaNova Systems DataScale

DataScale is the core infrastructure to develop and deploy next-generation AI algorithms and applications at scale with unmatched performance, state-of-the-art accuracy, scale and ease of use.

Argonne National Laboratory

“We’re interested in technology … that can train models faster than individual GPUs, that has more scalability and has more performance, and so the SambaNova DataScale system met that criteria.”

Rick Stevens, Associate Laboratory Director

Hugging Face on SambaNova DataScale

Hugging Face is the most popular model repository for developing transformer-based deep learning apps. Integrating Hugging Face with SambaNova DataScale you can run thousands of Transformer models with state-of-the-art accuracy in seconds and with zero code changes.

Pushing the Boundaries of AI

At SambaNova Systems, we’re building your platform for innovation that delivers limitless possibilities. Fast, flexible, scalable. You’ll increase productivity and advance your business with breakthrough efficiency.

Accelerating Software 2.0

Accelerating Software 2.0 requires a software-first approach to systems architecture. Watch Kunle Olukotun, Co-founder and Chief Technologist of SambaNova Systems explain why a Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture is ideal for building today’s AI infrastructure and tomorrow’s modern datacenter.

Democratizing AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The key to unlocking the full potential of AI is putting AI tools into more people’s hands. Watch Kunle Olukotun, co-founder of SambaNova Systems and the Cadence Design Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University, explain why the democratization of AI requires a revolution of both hardware and software.

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