“It’s not just AI, this is a change in the entire computing industry,” says SambaNova CEO

SambaNova, a stealth startup, has received over $450 million to build a complete computing system of hardware and software. Co-founder Rodrigo Liang tells ZDNet the stakes are bigger than the craze for AI, it’s about a multi-decade shift in computing.

Watch our CEO, Rodrigo Liang discuss how new companies will put Silicon back into Silicon Valley

“With the end of Moore’s Law, new semiconductors are required for a cloud-native, data-dominated, AI-powered, IoT world. The rise of these new players will put Silicon back into Silicon Valley.”

Purdue University Launches New Research Center on Programming Principles and Software Systems

In a move that recognizes deep changes underway in the construction of computer software, Purdue University’s Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships on Monday (June 24) announced the launch of a new research center that aims to connect fundamental research in programming languages (PL) and software engineering with domains such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

How Business Leaders Should Think About AI Hardware

In this episode of the AI in Industry podcast, we speak with Marshall Choy, VP of Product at SambaNova, an AI hardware firm based in the Bay Area. SambaNova was founded by a number of Oracle and Sun Micro Systems alumni. We speak with Choy on two fundamental questions:

    • How will business models fundamentally change with respect to new AI hardware capabilities?
    • How can business leaders think about their AI hardware needs?

SambaNova is one of many firms that’s going to be advertising at the Kisaco Research AI Hardware Summit in Beijing June 4th and 5th.

Startup Taps AI to Monitor Chips

SambaNova Systems Inc has raised $150 million in a Series B round of funding.

SambaNova heads to ‘unicorn’ status, raises $150 million

SambaNova Systems Inc. (Palo Alto, Calif.), a 2017 startup founded to commercialize the work on machine learning of Stanford University Professors Kunle Olukotun and Professor Chris Ré, has raised $150 million in a Series B round of funding.

The company, which is developing a platform to run artificial intelligence applications from the data center to the edge. The latest round brings the amount raised to more than $206 million.

The round was led by Intel Capital, with additional participation from existing investors GV (formerly Google Ventures), Walden International, Atlantic Bridge Ventures, and Redline Capital. SambaNova said the money would be used to extend SambaNova’s product roadmap, and to continue to expand the software capabilities of its products.

“With this round of funding and with our investors’ support, SambaNova is poised to accelerate the next generation of AI applications with a radically new systems architecture to empower forward-moving organizations to strategically deploy AI at scale,” said Rodrigo Liang, co-founder and CEO of SambaNova Systems, in a statement.

“SambaNova’s ‘software-defined hardware’ approach incorporates current thinking from respected AI hubs, that constantly-evolving software advances – like artificial intelligence, neural nets, and deep learning – can be leveraged in real time to further maximize hardware performance,” said  Dave Munichiello, General Partner at GV, in the same statement.

“No other company could have assembled a more impressive group of industry luminaries to expand the community growth around their unique technology,” said Lip Bu Tan, chairman of Walden International and CEO of Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Intel Capital Bets Big—$117M Investment in 14 Tech Startups

PHOENIX—Intel continues to bet big on new technologies, specifically tech startups funded by its venture capital arm, Intel Capital. On April 1 at its annual Intel Capital Global Summit conference here, the company announced that it’s invested $117 million in 14 tech startups. Since its founding in 1991, Intel Capital has invested $12.4 billion in 1,544 companies.

The 14 startups all offer disruptive solutions in one of four areas: artificial intelligence, communications, health care and manufacturing.

AI startups include SambaNova Systems, a Palo Alto, Calif.,-based company building what it says is the industry’s most advanced systems platform to run AI applications. The company’s stated mission is to bring AI innovations discovered by deep research in academic circles and elsewhere to enterprises and organizations across a range of industries. “We are bringing together a solution that goes from silicon to algorithms that runs on a general-purpose computing platform,” said Rodrigo Liang, CEO and co-founder of SambaNova Systems.

SambaNova Systems, A Startup In The Hot AI Hardware Space, Scores $150 Million Investment From Intel And Alphabet

SambaNova Systems, a stealthy startup in the hot artificial intelligence hardware space, has raised a massive $150 million Series B investment from Intel Capital and Alphabet’s venture investing arm, GV (formerly Google Ventures).

As artificial intelligence becomes integrated into everything from self-driving cars and smart speakers to software used across every industry, technology giants and startups alike are trying to find ways to make those operations faster and more efficient. Legacy chipmakers Nvidia and Intel are working on silicon tailor-made for AI, while AppleGoogle, and Amazon all have their own custom AI chips now, too.

57 startups that will boom in 2019, according to VCs

You don’t have to be an industry insider to know about tech companies with popular products like Snapchat or Facebook.

But what about the up-and-coming tech startups that could become tomorrow’s market leaders?

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