Nominations are open for the 2022 VISIONAIRES Awards

Do you know an AI visionary? Or, as we like to call it At SambaNova, a VISIONAIRE? Do you know someone who is pushing the boundaries with AI to help solve challenges in industry, public sector, healthcare, education, society?

The VISIONAIRES Award recognizes a select group of innovators who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the field of AI. We believe that innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It thrives when smart people come together and share their smart ideas. We want to recognize individuals for their outstanding leadership and contributions, help build a network of leading experts in the field of AI, and do our part to make sure the world knows their stories.

We are accepting nominations for VISIONAIRES in the field of AI who continue to push the frontiers of deep learning in three categories:

  • Industry Luminary VISIONAIRE – Individual who is at the forefront of driving and/or utilizing AI innovation
  • Partner VISIONAIRE – SambaNova partner who is helping customers drive success with their AI initiatives
  • Customer VISIONAIRE – SambaNova customer who is pushing boundaries in their field

Kunle Olukuton, SambaNova’s co-founder and “father of the multi-core processor” and Vint Cerf, an American internet pioneer – two great examples of individuals who have contributed significantly in their disciplines.

    Please provide us with information about the person you are nominating to be featured in the upcoming 2022 VISIONAIRES Awards

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