Lead Your Enterprise Into the AI Enabled Future

Achieve Better Customer Experiences and Unmatched Business Outcomes.

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Lead Your Enterprise Into the AI Enabled Future

Achieve Better Customer Experiences and Unmatched Business Outcomes.

Apply to join SambaNova ELEVAITE

Transform Your Business with the Power of AI

The emergence of AI technologies, and its expected impact on the Global 2000—akin to the impact of the internet—is upon us. For those with the vision to embrace the transformational power of AI there are huge opportunities to move companies and careers to new heights. When your company joins ELEVAITE, you’re putting your company in position to be a thought leader in the field of AI and to uncover new opportunities, implement proven AI technologies, and scale AI without limits.

ELEVAITE Ensures Long-Term AI Success

ELEVAITE member companies will be part of an exclusive group of motivated companies and have access to breakthrough technology and robust resources to ensure long-term success with AI.


    Scoping, implementing, and scaling AI solutions in your enterprise. Dedicated technical and account leads are with you every step of the way.


    Access to thought leadership, SambaNova founders, senior executives, board members, technologists, and industry luminaries ensure your organization hones new AI skills.


    We work together to increase visibility of AI initiatives and association with SambaNova, developing thought leadership and new aspects of your company’s reputation to enhance market value.

To learn more about member benefits and to set up an Executive-to-Executive conversation, contact Andrea by email.

AI Your Way

ELEVAITE members have the choice to deploy AI technologies in the way that works best for their needs. With our breakthrough Dataflow-as-a-Service you have access to pre-trained Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Recommendation solutions enabling your teams to focus on strategic issues vs. the mundane work of developing and training models. Or you can run your own models on our DataScale-as-a-Service platform.

You also have the choice to deploy SambaNova AI technology as a managed service in the cloud, or you can utilize DataScale-by-Subscription as your own platform for innovation. All with no Capex! Any way you choose results in accelerated scaling of AI.


End-to-End Approach to Scaling AI

ELEVAITE takes customer success to a higher level.

Our end-to-end process uncovers opportunity to deploy AI in your organization. We enable our breakthrough Dataflow-as-a-Service technology to implement AI. And we make the case for deploying and scaling AI applications to garner C-level support and ensure positive ROI.


Harness the transformational powers of AI to accelerate the trajectory of your company (and career).


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    Realize the power of AI to take your business to a higher level with SambaNova ELEVAITE.